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For this discussion, you must read Chapter 6 of the text, Introduction to Sociology: 06 Socialization (http://freesociologybooks.com/Introduction_To_Sociology/06_Socialization.php), the article, The Anomie Tradition: Explaining Rates of Deviant Behavior, Durkheim's classic contribution (http://deviance.socprobs.net/Unit_3/Theory/Anomie.htm), and the Anomie theory reading from Key Perspectives in Criminology, found in the ebrary database. After reading the required resources, explain why Emile Durkheim alleges that if we did not have deviants, we would create them. In other words, Durkheim is making an argument that having a group of people society considers deviant serves broader functions for society. What are these functions?

Reference no: EM13953001

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