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After watching the Chomsky video, ***The Noam Chomsky Website***.

Answer the following questions:

1- Chomsky defines globalization as "international integration." He argues that the term itself has been, "appropriated by a narrow sector of power and privilege to mean their version of international integration." **Explain what you think Chomsky is referring to here and provide an example you've seen from the world around you that illustrates the concept.**

2. In this presentation, Chomsky refers to an "economic miracle" as an economic agreement that is great for a small group of wealthy individuals and foreign investors but devastating to the larger population.

Does globalization (as it relates to economic investments and capital) create a world where the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is increasing? Why or why not?

3- Do you think his critique about the restrictions on international movement today have actually led to a decrease in globalization? Why or why not?

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Reference no: EM131059460

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