Explain what you mean by the claim or statement
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Question: Must be 100-200 word count. MLA format

Part A: On page 105 of your textbook is a picture of the sculpture PIETA by Michelangelo. As we have studied, Michelangelo's Renaissance period returns to the Greeks for inspiration and ideas.

Does Michelangelo's sculpture, PIETA, demonstrate more Hellenic or Hellenistic qualities? Or, does it contain qualities from both sculpture periods? Don't forget to defend your answers referencing the themes of the Hellenics and Hellenistics as discussed in this module and defend your opinion with this formula:

1. Make a claim.

2. Explain what you mean by this claim or statement.

3. Illustrate your claim or statement by pointing out specific parts of the sculpture(s) that demonstrate and prove your claim and discuss this.

Part B: Original work. Less than 20% plagiarism Must be 100-200 word count

Which one is your favorite ? "Mycerimus and Khamerernebty"

Name this sculpture and its author.

Why is this your favorite?

What qualities does it have that you like?

Is it full-round or relief?

What kind of mass does it have?

How does the form create the line?

Put your comment

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