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1. Let’s assume you were suddenly given a significant amount of money to start your own business. (1) Briefly explain what type of business you would establish. (2) Conduct research, identify, and describe 3-5 economic variables that might impact your business. (3) How would you as a competent business decision maker respond to the identified variables?. Include at least one citation (from a reliable source).

2. Imagine you wanted to help a friend develop a good understanding of the key points/highlights discussed in Mr. Keith Foe’s interview on economic forces and variables, and the only way you could accomplish this task was through sharing a mind map. Accordingly, carefully watch Keith’s interview and create an informative mind map. Be sure to include key points that primarily help with “business decision making.” If you need help with creating a mind map, a simple search on YouTube will return a number of insightful videos on this effective learning tool/technique. Include at least one citation (from a reliable source).

Reference no: EM132279739

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