Explain what the technology is and how the technology works

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Each student will write one original information technology report on a new and emerging technology in the information technology industry. Topic is new technology in cancer research or to cure cancer.

Your topic must be outlined. Outline must include 6 section headings outlined below.

Formatting: Papers should be 5-6 pages (not including title page or works cited), 12 font size, one-inch margins, double-spaced, and use APA citations and formatting.

You must reference at least three (3) articles and/or books and two websites. Abstracts and vendor ads are not acceptable. Articles more than five (5) years old are not acceptable ·

Citations must be formatted properly both in-text and in the works cited section.

Technology reports should be organized in 6 sections, including section headers:

1.A short introduction telling the reader what your paper is about

2.Explain what the technology is and how the technology works

3.Explain the business or technical problem the technology is designed to solve and the application of the technology to the problem

4.Identify the limitations of this technology (Is it a complete solution? Does it create any new problems? etc.).

5.Conclude with your own assessment of the technology's prospects for success in the marketplace

6.Works cited.

Reference no: EM132184267

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