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Are you for or against free trade? Are you for or against NAFTA? What is the economic basis for trade? Explain the underlying facts that support free trade and give an example of a good that you purchased recently that is based on resource differences. What are some examples of goods that the U.S. has comparative advantage in producing? Take a look at the tag of the shirt/dress/pants you are wearing today. Where was it made? Anyone wearing "Made in America" items of clothing today? We sometimes hear people say "Buy American." Why don't we? What is the basis of international trade? What are the benefits and the costs? Under what conditions would you advocate for trade restrictions?

Reference no: EM13203170

Question about central limit theorem

Determine what evidence do we have that the Central Limit Theorem is true and explain why do so many of life's events share the same characteristics with Central Limit Theorem

How do the marketing efforts in the countries differ

As with many companies, it has attempted to expand internationally. Click to view all the countries where Kellogg can be found. Take a look a few of the websites for Kellogg C

Question about economies of scale

Suppose you are the owner of a small bank in a state that is planning allowing interstate banking. You do not like this because it will be possible for large money center bank

Provide summary of an international trade article

The Economist or any other publication covering the world economy, international trade, or international economics and provide summary of an international trade article in a

Breakdown of global trade negotiations

The G-20 issued a statement Saturday indicating creating nations we unlikely to back off their demands that created nations do away with subsides and tariff barriers from thei

Find the optimal tax rate of us foreign earnings

The economic staff of the U.S. Department of the Treasury has been asked to recommend a new tax policy concerning the treatment of the foreign earnings of U.S. firms. Curren

Why does not the us devalue its currency aggressively

Why doesn't the US devalue its currency aggressively? Which of the following is not a benefit of devaluing currency? Why are politicians more concerned than economists when it

Compute the equation of a trend line to forecast sales

ECO 550- Using the regression feature of Excel, compute the equation of a trend line to forecast sales in 2014 and 2015. Note, you can use 'Year' as the explanatory variabl


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