Explain what are the five pillars of faith

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1 - Explain what are the Five Pillars of Faith? Why are they significant, and specifically relate them to the ideal and metaphor of "Supertribe" and the ideals of vertical and horizontal communion?

2 - What are some specific and significant dynamics of the Qu'ran?  Why is it considered so sacred?  How does this revelation relate to the Christian and Jewish perception of ultimate revelation?

3 - Who was Muhammad, and why is he so significant for the Islamic tradition? What bearing did his life and revelations have on the ideal of "Supertribe?" Also, keep in mind the context for the beginnings of Islam.

4 - To what does the GWT (Great World Transformation) refer?  How has this related to the 20th and 21st century challenges that face Islam?

5 - State some of the incorrect perceptions of Islam and proceed to correct them.

Reference no: EM131345778

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