Explain universal health care is good or bad is not enough

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1. Your paper must be at minimum 10 full pages in length. This requirement does not include your Cover Sheet, reiterating the assignment, inserting unnecessary blank spaces, and Reference pages. Please refer to the Policies section of our course syllabus for more detailed information.

2. Your topic must be related to Health Policy. You may select a current health care program (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIP) or you can select any other health care system (e.g. HMOs, IMOs, PPOs). In addition, government health policy is a fantastic topic; however, you must go in-depth with your assessments. A 10-page paper stating Universal Health Care is good or bad is not enough. You need actionable data and critical assessments in your work.

3. Be sure to properly cite all outside sources. Papers MUST be written in APA format (In-text Citations). You may find an APA Writing Sample in the Course Materials section of our classroom.

4. You must use a minimum of 15 academic references. As always, Wikipedia and Answers.com are NOT academic/scholarly sources.

5. Proper punctuation, spelling, and proper grammar is expected.

6. The paper can be submitted to me at any time, but cannot be submitted any later than the last regularly scheduled day of class in week 8.

Reference no: EM1359068

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