Explain two step that leadership should take to be effective

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Discussion questions

These are two discussion questions. Please respond to each question separately with at least 135 words. For each question you must provide two references.

1. Style Approach

Explain the style approach and two general kinds of behaviors. What is the central purpose of the style approach? Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings.

2. Steps to Effectiveness

Explain at least two steps that leadership should take to be effective. Apply these steps to a current situation in which you are a follower. What style would be most appropriate for leading you, according to the theory, and why? Do you agree? Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings.

Reference no: EM13817809

Situation in term of process consultation

Explain Jennifer's situation in term of process consultation. To what extent does the cyclical model  of Episodic Conflict reflect  the situation and as a third-party consul

Why is change so difficult to implement within organization

Discuss why those in the human resource development positions are in a prime position to facilitate the change process. How can they develop employee trust in the change pro

Identify the role you would play in that team

Identify a project that would require team execution - a team that includes you as a participant. (You may use a fictional or real-life example of a project.) Identify the

Human resource policy class

Human resource policy class.one essay based on best practices on innovations (or another topic related with human resource management)  in human resources. no less than  3 pag

Summarize components of performance management processes

Summarize the components of performance management processes and systems. Evaluate how the performance management system aligns with organizational goals. Assess the effective

Reasonable accommodating and work-life conflicts

Determine two (2) work-life challenges that either military personnel (e.g., Reserve and National Guard, etc.), individuals with accents or English fluency concerns, or gays

Explain why rankings are given to employees

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three different types of performance appraisals. Make a recommendation of which type of performance appraisal is most appropriate

Thousands of stockholders lost millions

After the scandal was uncovered, thousands of stockholders lost millions of dollars as Enron share values plummeted." Discus what you perceive from this scenario also explai


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