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Sexual Disconnect

Imagine that you are working as a counselor in an elementary school. A teacher has come to you, concerned that a student in her class might have been sexually abused. She explains that she became concerned when two of her 5-year old male students did not come out of the restroom after she called to them several times from the door. When she went in to check on them, she saw the boys facing each other, with Kyle's pants around his ankles. Brandon was touching Kyle's penis and both boys were laughing. In addition to her concern about abuse, the teacher is wondering if the boys could be gay.

• As the counselor, explain to the boys' teacher whether their behavior is indicative of sexual abuse. Remember to reflect on the research you have learned about, and give details to demonstrate why you might come to that conclusion.

• How would you respond to the teacher's question about the boys' sexual orientation, based on research?

• What recommendations should you, as the counselor, give to the teacher? Keep in mind research pertaining to the promotion of healthy sexual development by parents and schools.

Reference no: EM131119957

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