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Mal Ltd

Mal Ltd. is a producer and importer of freshly cut flowers based in the country side village of Tagus. It has made a name for from its gerberas, roses, carnations, and tulips, although the portfolio includes a range of itself other products. Tulips and some special flowers are imported from the Netherlands. Products are sold at its premises to florists, in the trade market to wholesalers and retailers, and directly to a large retail chain. The market for fresh flowers is very competitive, with significant pressure over prices. There is high seasonality in supply (e.g. spring and early summer) and demand (e.g. valentine day, mother's day, Christmas). When there is a significant mismatch between those supply and demand, prices can fluctuate widely, from 'rock bottom' prices that do not cover production costs to 'sky high' prices that make very generous profit margins. In addition to price, the market values highly product freshness, reliability of supply, speed of delivery, and range products available (including colour variations).


1. Conduct some research to explain the value of cost classifications for Mal Ltd. and how this may assist Mr and Mrs Long in improving their decision-making processes.

2. Conduct some research into costing techniques that Mal Ltd. might find useful. Based on this research and using the detail in the case, choose a specific technique (or set of techniques) that you believe would be most suitable. Describe specifically how your chosen technique(s) could be used by providing tangible examples of how they would operate within Mal Ltd. It should be clear from these examples how Mal would determine a product cost for their products. Also, briefly describe why you consider your chosen technique(s) to be superior to other techniques. (Please note: you are not required to actually calculate any costs here, just outline how costing could be done differently. Therefore, you may wish to provide a table or diagram outlining the operation of your proposed costing technique(s).

3. Using the detail in the case, describe how your chosen method of calculating product cost will be beneficial within Mal Ltd. and have relevance to management.

Word Limit: 1,200 words

Page Limit: 6 pages

Referencing: Please use APA style referencing.

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The assignment was about a research meant to explained the value of cost classification to Mr and MTS long to improve their decision making process, type of costing techniques suited for yhei business and how beneficial that was to their business and and a cost account Word limit 1200

Reference no: EM131202661

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All-inclusive assignment of 1,200 words; also no more than 6 pages in length, word and page limit includes any tables, diagrams, figures or appendices that are used. Exceptions to the word and page limit are the cover page, table of contents, and reference list. Exceptions are the cover page, table of contents, and reference list, but importantly includes words in any visual tools (graphs, diagrams etc.) and in-text citations like this ? (O’Leary, 2016). If your word processor cannot count the words in your visual tools count them manually and include in your overall word-count No allowance for +10% over the word limit. However, an assignment below the word count is permissible and no need for executive summary, introduction, conclusion etc.

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