Explain the types of fobic disorders

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In your own words, explain the types of fobic disorders, the theories that may cause these disorder, and what treatments are used to treat these disorders.

Respond 200 words, required references; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Reference no: EM13167580

Ethical implications of a counselor

How do I explain the ethical implications of a counselor expressing their values to a client. How do I identify the options available to a counselor who is confronted with t

Explain the important aspect of strategic marketing

In your own words, what is the offering portfolio and why is it an important aspect of strategic marketing? Select a product with which you are familiar and outline its positi

What is the mission of the lapd

What is the mission of the LAPD? Summarize the events that have taken place in the videos as well as any additional recent events that you are aware of or are able locate

Describe an ethical dilemma

Create an abbreviated code of ethics(focus on 4 major areas) for an organization of your choice. For each major point in the code of ethics, describe an ethical dilemma that

Select a work of art of your choice from museums

Select a work of art of your choice from any of the interactive museums provided in Week One, see attachment or from your local art museum. Contemplate the work of art and

Analyze two possible career choices

analyze two possible career choices [Healthcare I.T. (Systems Analyst) and Database Administrator], and then write a formal analytical report effectively presenting a recomm

Criticisms aimed at the advertising industry

Assess some of the criticisms aimed at the advertising industry. Determine whether or not advertisers create advertising copy in the best interests of society, giving a specif

Design a visual classroom environment plan

Design a visual classroom environment plan (1,000-1,250 words) that includes the physical arrangement and organization of materials and resources. Be creative; there are no


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