Explain the theories of collective behavior in detail

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1) Explain the theories of Collective Behavior in detail, with examples.

2) What is a social movement? Define the four types (not stages of development) of social movements and give examples to substantiate each of the 4 types.

3) Use an example from the chapter to describe some of the possible links between technology and innovation, social movements, and social change....Has activism changed due to the advent of Internet? How is information and the way it is circulated in the present time affecting social movements and, in turn, social change? Explain if and how the line between legally allowed activism and illegal behavior has blurred by substantiating with at least 2 examples.

4) Think of a 'social movement' that came into existence to change the 'Health' aspects - either at the individual level or at the institutional level? What were the reasons behind its emergence? Was it successful? Why or why not? Substantiate your analysis with data and/or research content.

Reference no: EM131327578

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