Explain the strategies to diminish these negative impacts
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Relate population growth and the distribution of human populations to effects on the environment.

With a current world population of over six billion people, ever-increasing human population growth inevitably has a variety of impacts on the world's resources (natural resource and energy availability, food production and distribution, environmental factors, social problems, species extinction...).

Question 1

Discuss these impacts?

Question 2

Explain the strategies to diminish these negative impacts.


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The increase in the number of individuals of a species is termed population growth. The world population is estimated to grow at a rate of 76 million each year. The size of human population has always been increasing (McKee, J. K., 2005). There is a quantitative limit to the number of individuals an environment can support and this is known as the carrying capacity. In case of humans the carrying capacity is controlled by factors such as disease, decrease in food availability and predation. For the increasing population to survive there should be sufficient provisions available for their well-being. There is a big connection between the economic statuses of a country to that of its population. As the population increases there is a corresponding decrease in the economy. The amount of money that has to be invested in the growth and occupation and employment of the people will be very high. As a result a large amount of people may not have the access to education. The students who pass out of college might not be able to get a job...

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