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Discussions: 1. Topic: Meaningful Use and EHR Technologies

Explain the stages of meaningful use and explain how it encourages providers to adopt EHR technologies. Be sure to include barriers to implementation and any governmental protections.

2. Electronic Health Record Compliance

Big data computing poses challenges to the privacy and security of patient information. In fact, the rapid growth in the volume of health-related information increases the risk of privacy violations particularly when data sets are combined. Explain the role of data and information governance in making organizational improvements and higher quality decision-making.

3. Health Information

Health information managers/professionals have a variety of different roles that they are responsible for with regard to record keeping. Which role do you feel is the most important and why? Which one do you think will be the most challenging for you to implement and why? What steps could you take to address this challenge?

4. Select a topic associated with health information that would require educating the public in your community. Consider and discuss the community group or population that you will target. Prepare a brief summary of the information you would provide. Ensure that you support the information with a budget including the estimated costs of the plan along with the potential revenue sources. Critique your peer's presentations as well.

5. Coding Systems

Investigate the history of coding and identify the purpose of the ICD coding system. What is the significance of its use? What brought about the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and how does the ICD-10 system affect the organization and the consumer? What systematic changes do you foresee in the next 10-20 years?

6. Patient Accounts

Imagine you are employed as an account professional in a health care organization. Which type of health insurance do you feel would be the most challenging to submit for reimbursement and in obtaining cooperation in obtaining payment?

7. Fred has been working in acute care facilities for the past 5 years. After he graduated from his HIT program and passed the HIT exam, he was offered a position as the HIM manager in his organization. Fred has heard through the grapevine that the center's records have not been strictly maintained and that the new manager will be expected to organize the records and to ensure that the facility's documentation policies are in compliance with all of the regulatory and accrediting bodies. If Fred decides to accept this position, what can he do to ensure that he is prepared for the challenges of his new position?

8. Identify a facility in your area by looking on the Internet. Find out as much as you can about the facility including the types of services that it offers. Describe the facility in terms of size, organization, types of patients, and average length of stay. What type of facility is it? What types of licensure and accreditation do they have? Do they provide ambulatory care or acute care? Did your findings surprise you?

9. Licensure Regulations

Locate the licensure regulations for your state. What are the provisions for the content of a health record? What are the rules regarding the timeliness of completion of a record? Locate any state laws regarding health information or medical records for your state. Are there retention statues? Are references to the costs of providing copies of medical records? Share your thoughts on whether you feel these are quite liberal or too strict. Examine your state's regulations in relation to some of your peer's posts.

10. Disaster Plans

Identify a long-term health care facility in your area. What type of disaster plan should this organization have in place? What are three specific events that an HIM professional should prepare to prevent? Think of the geographic location of your organization along with other geographic statistics that would impact the disaster plan's design.

Reference no: EM132184687

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