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Describe the mission and vision of British Airways. Identify its short- and long-term objectives. Identify the key stakeholders of BA (LO 1.2). How have the challenges mentioned below , impacted the various stakeholders of British Airways? How did BA respond to fulfill responsibilities to these stakeholders? Provide suitable examples. Discuss some challenges due to economic systems, monetary policies and fiscal environment faced British airways in the last one decade. As a Public Limited Company, how has BA been impacted regulatory, competition policies and legal changes in the airline industry?

To achieve M1, use an effective approach to study and research and have effective judgment to understand the organizational purposes of businesses. To achieve M2 use a range of methods and techniques to the relevant sources of information to understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate, To achieve D1, evaluate the validity of results through the conclusion where ideas should have been justified to Identify, with specific examples, to understand the organisational purposes of businesses. How has the market structure of the airline industry and the interplay of different players and forces in the market impacted the pricing and demand for airline seats? Provide suitable examples of BA's response .Identify, with specific examples, how British Airways has been impacted by the working practices and cultures of the countries where they predominantly operate .Discuss the impact of global changes in trade regime caused by organizations such as WTO and other international civil aviation and tourism bodies on British airways (LO 4.1). What are the other global factors, including policies/regulations of government players which may impact BA? Can EU policies on travel, competition or aviation impact British Airways? In conclusion, what measures can be taken by BA in order to remain competitive? (LO 4.2, 4.3) To achieve M3, you need consistent and logical development of principles/concepts for the intended audience with the help of appropriate methods of communication to understand the behavior of organizations in their market environment. To achieve D2, you need to accommodate the unforeseen area and the activities should have been managed efficiently to understand the behavior of organizations in their market environment. To achieve D3, you need to apply creative innovation and self -evaluation to be able to assess the significance of the global factors that shape national business activities.

Business Environment Analysis of British Airways

1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organization

1.2 Describe the extent to which an organization meets the objectives of different stakeholders

1.3 Explain the responsibilities of an organization and strategies employed to meet them

2.1 Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively

2.2 Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policies on business organizations and their activities

2.3 Evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of a selected organization

Reference no: EM13942288

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