Explain the relationship between reach and frequency

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Part A: Components of a Media Strategy- Pizza Hut

Answer each of the following Components of a Media Strategy questions completely:

a. What is message weight? How is it determined? Why is it important to Message-Distribution Objectives?

b. Define the following terms and their importance in media planning:

i. Media mix
ii. Media vehicle
iii. Advertising Impressions
iv. Circulation
v. Gross impressions
vi. Reach
vii. Frequency

c. Explain the relationship between reach and frequency.

d. How are gross rating points (GRPs) determined? How are cost per thousand (CPMs) determined? Why is each of these formulas important to a media plan?

e. Define the following terms:

i. Brand Development Index (BDI)
ii. Category Development Index (CPI)

f. Explain the relationship between the BDI and CPI. Why are BDI and CPI important in advertising? Illustrate your answer with an example.

g. Explain what is meant by the following statement: The more specific the focus on and characteristics of the target market, the easier is it to select a media vehicle. Why? Provide an example.

Media Planning Project

a. Who is Pizza Hut's primary target customer? Who is their secondary target customer?

b. Pizza Hut is considering offering Breakfast Pizza as a way to better utilize their restaurants as locations for three meals each day instead of the current lunch and dinner format.

i. As a media planner, what kind of analysis would you need to perform to determine the selection process of the media classes that you would use for advertise Pizza Hut's Breakfast Pizza?

ii. Based on your analysis, describe each media within each media class. Why?

iii. Based on your analysis, how would you schedule each media to advertise this product? Be specific here and include appropriate details for each media such as time of day, day of week, and week in month, and month. Why?

The product is the Nestle Pure Life Purified Bottled water. For this analysis, you are only concerned with two markets, New York City and Oklahoma City. Taking the role of the advertising agency executive responsible for advertising this product, you have been asked to write a report to your manager to answer the questions in Assignment 5.3.

• Refer to the Evaluation and Success Metrics file for the product or service to analyze for assignment.
• Taking the role of the advertising agency executive responsible for advertising this product, you have been asked to write a report to your manager to answer following the questions:

a. What methods will be used to test the ad for this product or service?
b. What methods will be used to monitor the ad during the ad campaign?
c. What are the best methods to determine the results of the ad?

• You need to be very specific and provide a detailed overview all the process you would use. For example, you need to explain each major step in the pretesting and post testing of the ad. You also need to clearly explain what methods would be used for each market and the total market.



Step One: Assessing the Situation.

Don't react. Step back from the conflict. Take time to think about the conflict and what is happening.

Identify all the parties to the conflict.

What are the sources and triggers of the conflict?

The various styles of conflict management used by the various parties.

What if any, power, diversity, or emotional issues present?

Step Two: Clarifying the Problem

Practice direct communication: speaking to the persons in the conflict, not about him/ her/ them.

Use active listening skills in order to define and clarify issues in the conflict: paraphrasing, "I" statements, supportive confrontation

Attack the problem, not the person.

Step Three: Define Interests and Finding Common Ground

Avoid taking positions and giving ultimatums.

Explore and define what it is that you and the other persons really need. In meeting the other person's needs, you are more likely to have your own needs met as well.

Seek common ground in the conflict: what are the mutual concerns/ interests

Step Four: Generating Options

Brainstorm and generate multiple options- invent first, decide later

Focus on the future, the past cannot be changed, explore what it is that each person needs to move on.

Look for a mutually beneficial solution- a win-win outcome.

Step Five: Decision Making and Implementation

Establish objective criteria collaboratively to select the best option.

Make decision and discuss method and details of implementation.

Follow up.

• Write a brief two to three page paper in APA format on a conflict that you have experienced personally, either at work or at home.
• In the paper you should:

a. Provide a short description of the conflict.

b. Analyze the triggers to that conflict (chapter 2 in Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work).

c. Identify the approaches used in the conflict (chapter 3 in Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work).

d. Identify the outcome of the conflict.

e. Tell what you could have done differently to help resolve the conflict.

• Also utilize the Principles of Conflict Management to aid you in your thinking.

Reference no: EM13734165

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