Explain the relationship between morality and ethics

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Morals, Ethics, and Law in a Code of Ethics

In readings and class discussions we have talked about the relationship and distinctions between morality and ethics. Morality deals with basic principles of right and wrong or good and bad. Ethics deals with behavior and actions.

Search the Internet or digital Library located on the Colorado Platform to find two examples of a code of ethics and/or code of conduct for an organization or group. Provide a cut-and-paste copy of the codes in your assignment or summarize them briefly.

Apply what you have learned from the module to identify, describe, and analyze the moral principles, ethical and legal requirements, and implications with respect to criminal behavior (if relevant) that are reflected in each element of the code of ethics case examples that you have found. In the concluding page, evaluate the effectiveness of morals, ethics, and law in contributing to the effectiveness of the code overall.

Discuss and cite either or both of the course textbooks and at least one additional credible or scholarly source to support your analysis and positions. Use APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. Your paper should be two to three pages in length, not counting cut-and-pasted codes. Before submitting your final version, be sure to submit a draft version to the TurnItIn Checker on the Colorado Platform.

Textbook Chapters 4 & 7 only (pp. 96-99), "Motives of E-Attacks" in Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics.

Reference no: EM13971157

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