Explain the process of new bicarbonate formation
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1. Explain the mechanisms involved in acid-base balance regulation for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

2. Explain the process of new bicarbonate formation and role of the ammonium in response to the acid-base requirements of the body.

3. Describe the most common acid-base abnormalities in patients with diabetes mellitus?


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The deviation of plasma pH out of the normal level range (pH 7.35 – 7.45) refers to the imbalance of acid-base, which leads to several complications in many diseased states. It is the function of bicarbonates to maintain this pH range. Other than this, the organ system such as liver and kidney also functions in maintaining the pH balance in the physiological system.

The effectiveness of these physiological functioning is dependent over the bicarbonates produced by virtue of metabolism. Similarly, the changes with respect to carbon dioxide in respiration are also responsible for the maintenance of acid-base balance of the body. The condition related to increasing the acid level in blood is known as acidosis and that when the pH of blood is alkaline, it is called alkalosis.

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