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Explain how these topics (Curbside Recycling & Carbon Levy) could be viewed as an "Environmental Issue". Briefly outline what the research has shown. Look at the data and pick out at least 2 specific points that stand out for each topic and explain how you view the trends and why Albertans may have the views they do about the various issues.

Briefly explain your views on each of these topics and point out some positives as well as some negatives to each side of the issue.

In your write up explain what you personally got out of this project and how it relates/impacts your Education at Lethbridge College. Address how this project can benefit you in your future endeavors.

Lastly, explain the one think you most liked about the project, and, if there is one thing you could change, or offer suggestion for improvement, that Faron could consider for future semesters.

You are to do this on your own and the nature of this assignment is that everyone should be addressing different things. Any evidence of collaboration/doing this together/using the work of others/academic dishonesty, or copy/pasting materials from other sources, will result in a grade of 0 for the entire assignment, as well as being subject to the LC Academic Dishonesty protocol.

Your write up should be 3-4 double-spaced (2 pages single-spaced), size 11 font pages. There is no need for a title page.

Attachment:- biology.rar

Reference no: EM132280871

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