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Question: Write a report and present on a specific topic that gives the class a more in-depth look.

Length: roughly 5-6 pages in length

The goal of this assignment is to present in a systematic way some essential background information on the topic you have chosen to research. This gives you a chance to read up on the topic and get familiar with basic ideas, terms, questions and debates.

At the end of this process, you will have:

• a greater familiarity with your topic

• a more focused area within your overall topic to research (a subtopic)

• a plan for further research

You are required to use at least three sourcesfrom outside databases.These might include any of the following:

• general interest articles from magazines, newspapers and websites [credible]

• textbooks

• peer-reviewed journal articles [EBSCO Host, PubMed]


1. First, introduce your overall topic (e.g. "childhood obesity" or "fad diets"). Define the key terms, provide the key facts, and explain the key ideas one should be familiar with. Your task here is to give your reader the basics. You are not trying to prove a point, just introduce the topic.

2. Next, introduce your subtopic (the specific area within your overall topic that you intend to focus on, such as "school lunches affecting childhood obesity rates" or "health risks associated with HCG drops"). It should be clear from this introduction how your subtopic is part of, but not the same as, the overall topic.

3. Point out questions that remain unanswered within your subtopic. That is, what are some things that even the experts don't know? What still needs to be researched? What information is missing to fill informational gaps?

Reference no: EM132185248

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