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This is an individual assignment. Your report should be no longer than 5,000 words maximum.


The food industry and associated supply chain system has been of strategic interest worldwide. Global markets have forced the food industry to become internationally relocated to be able to satisfy customers.

To achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction one of the important factors that has to be considered is the supply chain and logistics infrastructure that needs be designed to meet objectives such as costs, quality, and responsiveness.

Provide an analytical review on the supply chain system of ONEmajor food industry player.What is the approach of this company in channels of distribution? How has it benefited them?

Compare the specifics of this supply chain system with that adopted in ONE other industry (e.g. the oil and gas industry).

Choose any two organisations to illustrate your answer.

Assignment Questions

Your essay should include the following requirements:-

1): Explain the importance of effective supply chain management in achieving the organisation's business objectives.

2): Explain the link between supply chain management and business functions in the organisation.

3): Discuss the key drivers for achieving an integrated supply chain strategy within thisorganisation. How can you use key drivers to achieve efficiency and responsiveness?

4): Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies used by the organisation to maintain supplier relationships

5): Assess how information technology could assist in integrating different parts of the supplychain of this organisation, and how information technology has contributed to the management of the supply chainfor this organisation?

Reference no: EM13852399

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