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1. Three main reasons that there are changes to a budget (and hence, changes to the overall budget) are: (1) errors the cost estimator made about how to achieve the tasks identified in the project plan; (2) An increased knowledge about the project's goal and deliverables causes changes to the way of thinking, leading to wholesale changes in the project; and (3) a new law, standard, or mandate occurs leading to a change in the way the project is carried out. Can you think of any other reasons why the baseline of the budget might need to be changed midstream of a project?

2. Explain the fundamental trade-offs made when deciding whether or not to crash a project. What trade-offs are made to resources if you decide to a crash a project? Can all three project factors - cost, schedule, and resources - be reduced when you crash a project? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM1343329

What were the reactions of others in the organization

Can you think of situations in which unethical behavior was dealt with appropriately (punished justly) or inappropriately? What were the reactions of others in the organizat

Project management affect success of project outcome

The benefits of project planning, project management within the various types of organizational systems, and how your approach to project management will affect the success

How fast should the train travel on a 360 mile trip

The cost per hour for fuel to run a train is dollars, where v is the speed of the train in miles per hour.- How fast should the train travel on a 360-mile trip to minimize the

Calculate the year to year annual sales growth rates

How do I estimate Net income loss in each of the five years and estimate the firm's return on assets beinning when the net or after-tax income is expected to be positive.

Calculate the lowest discount price for each pattern

Spanish Interiors imports ceramic floor tiles from Mexico with various patterns in anticipation of contractor needs.- Calculate the lowest discount price for each pattern that

Problem regarding the embezzlement activity

If his embezzlement activity is a trade or business, he claims he should be able to deduct as an ordinary and necessary expense the payments on the loans to keep his actions

Discuss the effects this kind of collaboration

Discuss the effects this kind of collaboration could have on business processes - Research commercial products (such as WebEx and LiveMeeting) available for this type of colla

Hr manager and characteristics

Analyze how HR can be used effectively to work cohesively with an organization's business strategy and explain what steps you could take to ensure flawless execution.


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