Explain the formation of nitrogen monoxide from nitrogen

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When a space shuttle re-enters the atmosphere, its temperature rises and it can heat the surrounding air to 1260oC. At that temperature some endothermic reactions take place that at lower temperatures are not spontaneous under standard conditions (pure substances, each at 1 bar). Estimate the temperatures at which the following stratospheric reactions become spontaneous under standard conditions. Which ones could occur during re-entry of the space shuttle?

a) The formation of nitrogen monoxide from nitrogen and oxygen

b) the formation of ozone from molecular oxygen

Reference no: EM13654360

Explain heat what is the final tempurature of the gas

If 200g of Argon gas (Ar) expands from the initial temperature of 150 degrees celcius and in the process do 3.15 kJ of work and absorbs 1.52 kJ of heat what is the final tem

Explain what tempurature will the piston start moving up

Liquid water in the cylinder is initially in equilibrium with it's vapour at tempurature of 12 degrees celsius. Assume no other gases are present. If heat is supplied, the t

Explain stirring it until the sodium bromide had dissolved

we did a miniscale synthesis of 1-bromobutane from 1-butanol in lab and i have to write the reaction mechanisms in each step a reactant was added. the first step was adding

Explain why was it necessary to stop the first distillation

Why was it necessary to stop the first distillation at 115 0c. Prior to the second distillation, why would it be absolutely necessary to remove all water from the crude 1-br

How to compute the calorimeter constan

The mass of water in the inner water bath is 1.376*10^3g. The temperature of the calorimeter and its contents rises 3.11K as a result of this reaction. Calculate the calorim

Explain type of reaction neutralization and esterification

Write one example for each type of reaction: neutralization, esterification, saponification -- for carboxylic acids and esters ONLY.Within these reactions include the follow

Explain tin reacts with hydrochloric acid

Tin reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen gas and tin (II) chloride. How many liters of hydrogen gas are produced at 27.0 degrees C, and a pressure of 710 torr i

Explain different volumetric flask in presence of hcl

What if sulfanlic acid sodium nitrate and 1-naphthylamine are made soluble in water in three different volumetric flask in presence of HCL then mixed together. A color is or


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