Explain the formation of iron(iii) oxalate complex ion

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Kc is 1.67x10^20 at 25*c for the formation of iron(III) oxalate complex ion: Fe^3+(aq)=3C2O4^2-(aq) >>>[Fe(C2O4)3]^3-(aq) If 0.0200 M Fe3+ is initially mixed with 1.00 M oxalate ion, what is the concentration of Fe3+ ion at equilibrium? Please show complete work: Answer choices are 0.0100 6.94x10^21 8.35x10^19 1.44x10^-22

Reference no: EM13492457

Define what is the vapor pressure

The molar enthalpy of vaporization of boron tribromide is 30.5 kJ/mol, and it's normal boiling point is 91degrees C. What is the vapor pressure of BBr3 at 34 degrees C.

Standard free energy of formation of nitric oxide

Problem- The standard free energy of formation of nitric oxide, NO at 1000K ( the approximate temperature in an automobile engine during ignition), is 78.0 kJ/mol. Calculate

Explain gas mixture contains helium and oxygen

Gas mixture contains helium and oxygen @ partial pressures of 255 torr and 0.450 atm. what is the total pressure in mmHg of the mixture after it is placed in a container 1/2

A solution of ammonia and water contains

a solution of ammonia and water contains 4.00×1025 water molecules and 8.20×1024 ammonia molecules. How many total hydrogen atoms are in this solution?

Explain heisenberg uncertainty principle

determine both the position and velocity (momentum) of an atom or subatomic particle such as an electron and thus negate the uncertainty principle? Fully explain your answer

Calculate the mass to three significant figures

When aqueous solutions of K2SO4 and Pb(NO3)2 are combined, PbSO4 precipitates. Calculate the mass, in grams, of the PbSO4 produced when 1.74 mL of 0.154 M Pb(NO3)2 and 3.64

Define what mass of copper metal may be produced

Pure copper may be produced by the reaction of copper(I) sulfide with oxygen gas as follows: Cu2S(s) + O2(g)  2Cu(s) + SO2(g) If 0.680 kg of copper(I) sulfide reacts with ex

How many ml of the standard h3po4 solution are required

A standard solution of 86% (w/w) H3PO4 (specific density = 1.71 g/mL) is to be diluted to get a1200 mL H3PO4 solution at 4.00 M. How many mL of the standard H3PO4 solution ar


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