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1. Choose one product and one service which an organisation in the service industry might offer to customers. Describe how you would accurately explain the features and benefits of the products/ services you chose.

2. What is the name of the Australian federal agency that governs competion and consumer protection laws? What is the name and year of your state or territory competition and consumer legislation?

3. Provide five examples of how you could anticipate customer preferences, needs and expectations throughout a service experience. Your answer should include reference to customers with socially and culturally diverse needs.

4. Using examples explain the difference between upselling and cross-selling. How can each selling technique be used to provide additional products and services to customers?

5. Why is an awareness of different social and cultural backgrounds important during the sales process?

6. Choose five products and services and list some other products or services that you could offer to customers as extras or add-ons.

7. How can staff check the actioning of special requests before customer delivery and who is responsible for this?

8. You work within the tourism, travel, and hospitality industries. List five situations in which it would be appropriate to share information with others to ensure efficient service and timely and smooth workflow.

9. Describe three situations in which you have been required to share information with others. What methods/ mediums did you use? How do you know that the recipient understood the information you shared?

Reference no: EM131086526

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