Explain the effect of a fall in the oil price on the market

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Big drops in prices for crops make it tough down on the farm Corn, soybean, and wheat prices have fallen roughly 50 percent from the historic highs of earlier this year. With better-than-expected crop yields, world grain production will rise nearly 5 percent this year. Grain prices have also become more closely tied to oil prices because of the growing corn-based ethanol industry.
Explain the effect of a fall in the oil price on the market for ethanol. If the price of oil remains low for some years, what will be the long-run effects on the market for ethanol and the number of ethanol producers?

Reference no: EM131300984

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Rich-poor gap worries Chinese planners In 1985, urban Chinese earned 1.9 times as much as people in the countryside, which is home to 60 percent of the population. By 2007,

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Is the market for college football coaches competitive? If it is, why don't they all earn the same wage rate? Is the market for Nick Saban competitive? How is his compensati


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