Explain the diffusion coeffiicent of a particular kind

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The diffusion coeffiicent of a particular kind of t-RNA molecule is D=1.0x10^-11 m^2 s^-1 om the medium of a cell interior. How long does it take molecules produced in the cell nucleus to reach the wall of the cell at a distance 1.0um, corresponding to the radius of the cell

Reference no: EM13498746

Compute the molar mass of the unknown gas

Calculate the molar mass of the unknown gas. Remember that the faster the rate of effusion, the shorter the time required for effusion; that is, rate and time are inversely

Define the solution becomes quite warm

A solution is made by dissolving 25.7 g of NaOH in approximately 450 mL of water in a volumetric flask. The solution becomes quite warm, but after it is allowed to return to

Calculate the mass of o2 produced by decomposition of kclo3

Question- Calculate the mass of O2 produced by decomposition of KClO3 when 706 ml of O2 is collected over water at 20.0C and 1.015 atm (The vapor pressure of water at 20.0 C

Determine the equilibrium concentration of h2s

Consider the following reaction: 2H2O + 2SO2 2H2 + 3O2 A reaction mixture initially contains 2.8M H2O and 2.6 M SO2.

Define ethylene glycol in a car radiator

Ethylene Glycol in a Car Radiator, How many liters of the antifreeze ethylene glycol [CH2(OH)CH2(OH)] would you add to a car radiator containing 6.50 L of water if the coldes

Explain reactions as spontaneous or nonspontaneous

Based on the sign of E°cell, classify these reactions as spontaneous or nonspontaneous as written. Assume standard conditions. Au3+(aq) + 3Ag(s) -----> Au(s) + 3Ag+(aq)c

What amount of water could be heated

Assume that the kinetic energy of a 1500kg car moving at 95 km/h can be converted entirely into heat. What amount of water could be heated from 20 C to 50 C by the car's ene

Explain the total pressure in the flask at equilibrium

Ammonium Hydrogen sulfide decomposes on heating, NH4HS(s) NH3 (g)+H2S(g). If Kp for this reaction is .11 at 25 degrees celcius (where partial pressures are measured in atmos


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