Explain the concept of the focus groups

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Who uses focus groups? Explain the concept of the focus groups and give examples of companies that use them for marketing research. Give details of what you think a company would be looking for and how they would use the data.

Reference no: EM13843198

Disadvantages of using surveys to collect consumer data

How effective are surveys? Are Surveys an effective way to get accurate information? Use your own experiences of taking surveys and how effective you thought they were for the

Main differences between the business strategies

What do you think are the main differences between the business strategies of Apple versus Microsoft? Both are very successful companies and yet they seem to have taken a very

Single most important attribute for leader to possess

Do you ever reflect, after the fact, about how effective your behavior was in a particular situation? Is this ever a source of new or different insights? Please share your ins

New approach to quality and performance management

Determine one (1) key differentiating factor between the new approach to quality and performance management that you chose and past approaches. Indicate whether or not the new

According to leader substitutes theory

According to Kerr and Jermier, hierarchical leadership is least important when: Which of the following was not recommended as a guideline for contingent leadership? According

Whereas warehouse retail outlets matured

It took department stores 80-years to reach maturity, whereas warehouse retail outlets matured in 10-years -- please provide me some of your thoughts on why such a variance?

Whats the definition of stakeholders

What's the definition of "stakeholders"? What are the differences between stakeholder and stockholder? What is "stakeholder theory"? What are the strengths and weaknesses of s

Discuss how a global positioning system

Technological improvements over the last few decades have greatly impacted the logistics systems development. Discuss how a global positioning system (GPS) can impact transpor


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