Explain the concept of core competencies in firm

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1. Explain the concept of core competencies in a firm and how that impacts global sourcing decisions. Share examples you can think of outside of your reading.

2. Explain the concept of global outsourcing and discuss the various risks and rewards of a global sourcing strategy.

3. Explain the concept of global supply chain agility and its importance to a successful international business.

4. Explain supply chain alignment and the ways in which this is critical to a global company.

Reference no: EM131159208

Conspiracy-white collar crime and embezzlement

Conspiracy - what elements make up the crime of conspiracy? How does this crime uniquely relate to business? Embezzlement - How does this crime differ from regular larceny? Ho

Existing conditions and different industry environments

This week we look at tailoring business models to existing conditions and different industry environments. But I thought that in starting a business, or in fact growing a busi

Users accept that most technology products

Why do you think many customers or users accept that most technology products or systems just don’t have the best quality? Is this a learned behavior that over time we have ju

The world trading system and the world monetary system

China is on track to become the world's largest economy in coming years. Research the implications of this development and draft a document addressing the following: What woul

Realize any financial benefit from the effects

An unknown individual launches a series of attacks against the Web sites of Prime Sales Corporation. The attacks significantly slow the sites, leading to $100 million in damag

Of the guidelines for security systems

Of the guidelines for security systems described in your textbook, which do you find most essential and why? Describe whether there any security system guidelines described in

Formulate and solve nonlinear optimization model

A soda producer makes and sells two products, Classic Cola and Diet Cola. During the planning period, if the producer spends x1 dollars on promotion of Classic Cola, it can se

Minimize company total cost of meeting demand-present

Jones Bakery sells bread throughout the New England region. Jones is considering building bakeries in 3 locations. Each bakery can bake up to 900,000 loaves per year. How woul


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