Explain the answer to legal and ethical and regulatory issue

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My goal is to fully understand the difference of how these issues differ from B2C and B2B sites as well as its difference to brick and mortar businesses. Please provide references for additional research.

Reference no: EM1331470

Explain importance of benchmarking in the analysis

A) Why is benchmarking an important activity in the analysis of e-Business websites? b) Let us relate this to a company that you are familiar with. Discuss how your company us

Explain basic purpose of business

(1) establishing performance standards, (2) measuring individual and organizational performance, (3) comparing actual performance to planned performance standards and (4) ta

Explain effects of the different environmental factors

Physical infrastructure, cultural differences, social responsibility and ethics versus legal obligations, effect of political systems and the influence of international rela

Explain trends for security on the internet

What are the ebusiness trends for security on the internet? Research on internet viruses, trends in security software for the internet, and security features for online busi

Explain example of what is brick and mortar

How can analyze the supply chain for the businesses in a "brick and mortar" environment? Explain how the supply chain was modified from "brick and mortar" by the web site.

Explain western union what strategy pursue to achieve goals

expands into the Middle East, India and China, revenue is growing at a 20% annually. Yet it is estimated that WU has only penetrated 15-20% of the $150 billion global money-

Explain e-business- the sarbanes oxley act

The Sarbanes Oxley Act (Sox) came about as a result of corporate scandals such as Enron and Worldcom. Critics say that it is burdensome for most medium sized business.

Explain about ebusiness and despite the difficulties

What resources does an International Internet retailer need other than merely a storefront on the Internet? Does it require fewer physical, financial, and human resources th


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