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Leadership Article: The Six Competencies of a CEO. Author: Modesto A. Maidique, Candace Atamanik, Ruthann B. Perez.  

This assignment is intended to get you thinking about the type of leader you want to become. Crafting a vision of what you want your leadership to look like is tremendously important for giving yourself a personal leadership compass- your personal commitment to, and guide for, development and continuous learning.  

To respond to the questions listed below, read carefully the article, The Six Competencies of a CEO.

Consider the values you decided were important at the beginning of the school year, think of the many styles of leadership we discussed so far in class, the ones that you regard are likely to be effective in delivering the kinds of results that are important to you, or that you feel will be important regardless of the organizations you attach yourself to.  

Your responses should:

a. Demonstrate internalization of the topics and discussions we have had so far.

b. Articulately and cogently represent your ideas and opinions. Opinions should be supported using information from the article, from your txt or from our discussions. While I welcome external sources for additional support of your arguments, this is not necessary and will require that you sight the source. Be careful not to give opinions that are not backed by some concrete sources or reasoning.

c. Indicate that you have thoughtfully considered your each question and what is important for you.

Your Assignment: Read carefully the article, The Six Competencies of a CEO, and respond to the following:  

1. Describe how Maidique and others gathered the information for this article.

2. In your own words, outline and explain the six competencies of leadership described in the article as you understand them.  

3. The article does not include Intelligence or cognitive ability as a necessary competence, even though we know that 25% of job performance can be predicted by intelligence- Why was this not a competence included here?

4. In your opinion, which of the competencies would be generally more difficult to develop and which would be easier to develop? Why?

5. Based on the article, your text book and the topics discussed in class, describe your vision of the leader you want to become. (1-2 pages) To help you answer this question, ask yourself the following:

a. What are my values, what's important to me?

b. What would be my leadership style? What would people say about me and the way I lead?

c. What preparation do I need in order to realize my vision of myself as a leader?

d. What are my limitations?

e. What are my strengths?

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Reference no: EM131151025

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