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Employment law of Business - 7th Edition Chapter 9 - Sexual Harassment

1. _____ generally involves the employer requiring some type of sexual activity from the victim as a condition of employment or workplace benefits.

A) Quid pro quo harassment

B) Disparate treatment

C) Disparate impact

D) Reverse discrimination

2. Anna's boss terminated her employment because she did not submit herself to his sexual advances. Anna is a victim of:

A) reasonable accommodation.

B) quid pro quo harassment.

C) disparate impact.

D) affirmative action.

3. Which of the following is said to exist when someone's behavior in the workplace creates an atmosphere that makes it difficult for someone of a particular sex to work?

A) Disparate impact

B) Glass ceiling

C) Hostile working environment

D) Disparate treatment

4. Title VII does not protect employees from discrimination on the basis of:

A) race.

B) national origin.

C) gender.

D) affinity orientation.

5. Ethan and Justin are coworkers in a nonfederal organization that employs 50 people. Two months back, Ethan let Justin know that he is interested in having an intimate relationship with him. Justin declined the offer. Ethan has not brought up this topic up again. Under this circumstance, Justin cannot bring a sexual harassment suit against Ethan under Title VII because:

A) Ethan's proposal is an isolated occurrence.

B) Ethan and Justin are both male and Title VII does not apply to such cases.

C) the company they work for has only 50 employees.

D) they do not work for a federal organization.

6. Seth heads a sales team that consists of 6 male employees and 5 female employees. The female employees have noticed that if they fail to achieve their sales target, Seth scolds them using derogatory terms. When the male employees fail to achieve their targets, Seth just tells them not to lose hope and counsels them to do better the next time. Seth is displaying:

A) reverse discrimination.

B) anti-female animus.

C) reasonable person standard.

D) reasonable victim standard.

7. Employers are held strictly liable:

A) for constructive discharge claims of their employees.

B) when the harassment is done by someone who is not employed by them and they did not know of the acts of the harasser.

C) for the tangible acts of its supervisors regardless of whether the specific acts complained of were authorized or even forbidden by the employer.

D) if there is no tangible employment act by a supervisor involved in the sexual harassment case.

8. Which of the following defenses allows the employer to show that he or she had a reasonable sexual harassment policy to prevent and address sexual harassment and the harassed employee unreasonably failed to use it?

A) Stanhope defense

B) Shadow defense

C) Suders/Robinson defense

D) Ellerth/Faragher defense

9. Jane is employed as an attorney at a law firm. Her boss regularly touches her in an unwanted sexual manner. Her complaints to the managing partner are ignored and the behavior continues. Jane quits. This is a case of:

A) constructive discharge.

B) layoff.

C) redundancy.

D) retaliatory discharge.

10. Jude's supervisor pushed and shoved him around when Jude confessed that he had not yet been able to complete the work assigned to him. Jude has a case for _____ against his supervisor.

A) trespass

B) battery

C) assault

D) false imprisonment

Reference no: EM131422669

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