Explain roles and importance of geographic specialization

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1. Explain the roles and importance of geographic specialization. Is this role more important in a global economy?

2. Describe a firm you think has been highly innovative. Which of the four types of innovation—radical, incremental, disruptive, or architectural—did it use? Did the firm use different types over time?

3. Distinguish between the human capital and willing-to-pay approaches for determining the value of life in your own words. Why does the willing-to-pay approach generally estimate the value of life to be higher than the human capital approach does? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM132279963

Describes the whole research process

Discuss how the research questions and hypothesis are developed. Describe the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort. Describe how the resear

Define a strategic advantage to japanese auto suppliers

Be sure to identify areas that provide a strategic advantage to Japanese auto suppliers, and those that provide a competitive threat that competitors may be able to exploit.

Federal occupational safety and health act

Congress passed the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970 which established job safety standards. Nebraska then passed its own statute, which had slightly

Process for integrating conceptual tools for sense-making

Read "Good to Great" by Jim Collins Consider the hedgehog circles described in the article as applied to your organization. Using the Hedgehog circles described in Collins' ex

Contrast roman coliseum and a greek amphitheatre

Compare and contrast Roman Coliseum and a Greek amphitheatre.  What can you infer about the cultures that created each and the character of their societies in relationship to

Employment-worker protection and immigration law

Watch the video case study (link below) and discuss the case emphasizing the connections between business, law, politics, and ethics. Video Case Study: Employment, Worker Prot

Power company to environmental-sustainability coordinator

After you complete your degree, you are hired by The Peddle Power Company to be their Environmental/Sustainability Coordinator. This is a new position for them, in the past th

In order to use any type of change

In order to use any type of change, small or large, the company must consider how and where continuous improvement is applied, question whether the process should be improve


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