Explain role of it consultant to new nonprofit organization

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Suppose the role of IT consultant to new nonprofit organization, Free Flu, that gives flu shots to elderly. The organization requires domain name.

Use Internet resources to find out which domain name is available to company.

Judge whether you would use .com, .org, or .net for Web address.

Technology What kind of web pages or servers will be used? Explain some common web page programming tools.

Explain your results and reasoning in 200 to 300 words.

Reference no: EM1387250

Write your own testing program

COSC 2006 -Data Structures -  You are to write a class AssassinManager that allows a client to manage a game of assassin. Each person playing assassin has a particular target

What was the reason for your piracy act

What was the reason for your piracy act. After reading this article, would you still perform piracy. Be honest. What effect do you think would affect the Saudi society if pir

Describe how sites must be interconnected

Describe how the sites must be interconnected, where main data store will be located, how sites will connect to it, and what security measures will be implemented.

Simulate the network using netml

A satisfactory assignment document has been prepared; a network has been created and is depicted in a diagram in the assignment document and graphs which explain the behavior

Modify hosts file to map yahoo-s ip address

Modify the hosts file to map www.google.com to yahoo's IP address and try to do a google search. Remove the modification to the host file and repeat.

Explain a peer-to-peer network verses client-server network

Explain a peer-to-peer network verses a client-server network. Because your system is strictly Windows, your document should concentrate on the networking features of Window

Describe the major network security organizations

As a member of the Network Security group, you have been asked to serve on the committee and to take the initiative in the following: 1. Describe the major network security o

How does the cloud affect enterprise computing

Your draw on a range of sources, and to establish your understanding of the historical context of the question. You carried out the exercise as assigned, or carefully explai


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