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Assignment: Best Practices in Collecting Digital Evidence

In this assignment, you assume the role of an employee of the DigiFirm Investigation Company. You must research best practices in collecting digital evidence and create an electronic presentation which highlights your findings to the CEO of DigiFirm, in which you recommend those best practices for adoption by your organization.


For this assignment, you are to:

• Select a recent reputable source for Best Practices in Collecting Digital Evidence (NIST, FBI, SANS, NCJRS, etc. - cited on the reference page), analyze the source recommendations, and create PowerPoint presentation to share your findings.

• Your presentation should be at least 8 slides in length, not including title and reference slides. Be sure your presentation adheres to APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.

• You must include a minimum of three credible sources and information from the module to support your writing.

• Your presentation must follow APA style guidelines, as appropriate .

• At least two citation for every slide.

• Not plagiarized ( we check that with turnitin.com).

Reference no: EM131418647

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