Explain retail stores business process

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Explain Retail Stores business process

Visit some retail establishment of your choice in order to gain specific knowledge about the marketing activities of the operation. Offer a 2-3 page report on your visit using at least two references (one reference to be the textbook) to provision your analysis. Suggested areas to analyze include-

1) Type of outlet (convenience, shopping specialty, etc.)

2) Location - Define reason for specific location.

3) Customer profile - Who shops there and Target market segments?

4) Unique competitive positioning and what separates them from competition?

5) Categories of products (types, brand, quality, non-brand and assortment)

6) High and medium and low prices (instance- high quality-high price)

7) Can products be effortlessly competitively shopped at other retail stores?

8) How well is the store laid out - displays and so on?

9) Are promotions reliable with image and Are special sales obvious?

10) Sales method - aggressive, laid back or in-between?

11) Is information obtainable to help you and do they hide prices?

12) Can you get answers easily from clerks?

13) Do sales people seem well trained?

14) Return policies as well as warranties?

Reference no: EM1345161

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