Explain rational defensibility-validity of gods existence

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How to identify and explain the rational defensibility and validity of God's existence? Can this rational argument present logical reasons for God's existence is enough to convince people that God exist? why or why not?

Reference no: EM13322136

The FBI uniform crime report data

Utilize the FBI Uniform Crime Report data and select one offense, such as burglary, in two metropolitan areas (cities). Choose metropolitan areas with different data

Describe the purpose and call to business

In Genesis 1-2, The Hebrew Scriptures describe in successive ways the creation of the world and the Divine purpose of mankind. Utilizing the exegetical skills of narrative ana

How you might reconcile the differences between identities

Compare and contrast the two identities. What are the similarities between the two? What are the differences?Explain how you might reconcile the differences between the two id

Described as a conflict theory of personality

Freud’s theory has been described as a “conflict theory of personality”. What is the origin of the conflict? How according to Freud, is the conflict resolved to lead a “normal

Proofread help-movie ghost in the shell

The movie  Ghost in the Shell,  is based on anime science fiction and an unreal ghost thing is really a ghost hacking. It tackles the idea of an artificial intelligence, no

Demonstrates understanding of a client need to feel at home

Choose 3 from the following list (Any 1 Task is integrated with the Assignment in Care Support-5N0758), Plan and carry out a task that demonstrates your understanding of a cli

Human services-faith-adulthood-practice

Summarize in your own words what the textbook (Robert S. Feldman) says about one of the following topics: forming loving relationships, choosing a career, or having children

Write a summary assessment of the case study

Write a summary assessment of the case study to be handed out in the school meeting with the family and professionals. This summary should include the following:Background i


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