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World Diversity Research Paper - Using the electronic data bases provided by the Liberty University Library and other internet sources, search for journal articles in professional accounting and business journals as well as examples of other countries financial statements. Your group will prepare a research paper that differentiates the accounting treatment afforded various financial statement items in presentation and valuation among the countries of the world. Each member of the group will select and be responsible for one country other than the United States. Be sure to select countries that vary in their accounting standards and methods. The group will write (using the collaborative learning process) a research paper that summarizes these differences in a logical and supported format and provides a comparison to the accounting treatment in the United States for those financial statement items. The project is due at the end of week six. All group members must participate in the research and writing process. It is a group effort.

This assignment should be 8-12 typewritten double-spaced pages in length, with 1-inch margins, and pagination. The font you choose must be 12 point type or less. The paper must include references from at least five different sources. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to your essay pages. The title page and the reference page DO NOT count as part of the 8-12 page writing requirement.

Reference no: EM1394688

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