Explain post-capitalist society and druckers belief about it

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Each year, a few students are initially scandalized by the title of the Post-Capitalist Society, but Drucker strongly believes in both free markets and entrepreneurship. What does Drucker mean by Post-Capitalist Society? In answering this question, make sure you identify the controlling resource that will replace capital.

Drucker states that "Instead of capitalist and proletarians, the classes of the post-capitalist society are knowledge workers and service workers." Explain what characterizes each of these classes.

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The problem is belongs to Sociology and the problem explain the Post-Capitalist Society and Drucker's beliefs about it. According to Drucker, Post-Capitalist Societies are very important and they can be known as Knowledge Societies. The rest of it is discussed in the answer.

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Reference no: EM13830024

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