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City Campus enrolled 600 students each year.It was proposed to house 2 computer servers, 2 IBM campatible labs and 1 multimedia lab on the 1st floor. 2 servers: 1 for staff & 1 server for student. Applications to run: Lotus Note,remote access, video conferencing with overseas university partner.

2IBM server compatible labs each housing 20pcs.

Access point for wireles within the building.

1 multimedia lab housing 20pcsequipped with latest multimedia tools .

The faulty staff and students of CityCampus need the ability to communicate with each other via email and to access to internet.
Plan and design a LAN/WAN for CityCampus based on the following considerations:

1. To provide mail services, intranet and internet anywhere, anytime in th vicinity of the campus.

2. Linking up classroom to the network.

3. Provide a secure, private wireless network for students to access the campus network and internet.

4. Provide a security to protet network.
Report should include the following:
1. Hardware requirements: The basic specification of servers and associated hardware(routers,switch,firewall,etc.)
2.Software requirements: Detail requirements(OS,applicationsoftware etc) and the justification.
3. Outline tand discuss 3 major network security considerations that have to be addressed so that the school can be reasonablysure of truble-free continued operation.
4.Proposea 1st cut of your network diagram, to include the architectures and all the physical media used in the network.

Reference no: EM13303930

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