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Assignment, view the media piece of social worker, Ajia Meux, MSW, (see attachment for video )and focus on her ideas about how she uses evidenced-based practice when working with clients. Think about how the evidenced-based practices demonstrated in the video might apply to another client problem of your choosing. Consider the level (micro, mezzo, and/or macro) that you might use to approach the chosen client problem. Think about the advantages of using evidenced-based practice in social work.

The assignment (2-3 pages):

Explain one way the social worker in the media piece uses evidenced-based practice when working with clients.

Select a client problem (such as homelessness, abuse, mental health issues) that has social implications not identified in the media piece.

Explain how the evidenced-based practice you identified in the video might be applicable to the client problem you selected.

Explain at least two advantages of applying evidence-based practices to social work. Be specific, and use examples from the Learning Resources to support your response.

Attachment:- video_transcript_1.rar

Reference no: EM131412671

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