Explain negative negotiation tactics used by jimmy and kenny

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The word limit for each question is 500 words. Please write at least 1500 words.
Students should be able to:

•List the various concepts in interest-based negotiations and conflict resolution
•Develop Options and Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
•Describe and explain the interpersonal process of negotiation
•Apply effective communication competence to achieve the desired outcomes
•Analyse the substantive issues in the negotiations
•Apply a principled negotiation approach to achieve good outcomes


This assignment consists of THREE (3) questions. You must answer ALL the questions.

The Facts

Jimmy is the local manager of Sports Unlimited, an international sportswear company. Kenny has been with Sports Unlimited for the past 5 years as a junior staff member. Kenny has just had a baby and bought a new house, which caused him to incur a large debt of S$500,000 with the banks. Kenny is extremely worried about the situation and he hastily approaches Jimmy one day to get a pay raise.

However, in his frazzled state, Kenny ends up yelling at Jimmy, stating "I must have a pay raise!" Eager to assert his authority as the boss, Jimmy tells Kenny, "No. You cannot have one". Despite Kenny's persistent efforts that he is a valued member of the team, Jimmy refuses to entertain him, repeatedly stating "No", without giving any reason.

Eventually, Kenny turns desperate and calls Jimmy "incompetent" and "unreasonable". Tim, without any basis, claims that Kenny has underperformed for the year and therefore was not entitled a pay raise. Jimmy also claims that Kenny has been unethical in his work, and that "he should know what he means". Kenny is confounded by this and turns even more emotional. As the heated discussion escalates, Jimmy suddenly offers Kenny a salary increment of $1 for his work performance. Feeling insulted, Kenny slams the table and calls Jimmy a "horrible boss and human being", stating that if they cannot come to an agreement on his salary increment, he will file a formal complaint to upper management.

Unbeknownst to Kenny, Jimmy's job is being threatened. He has been singled out by upper management for lacklustre performance during this past work year. In fact, he has been criticised for being unable to manage the local Sportswear Unlimited competently and to bring in better sales results. As such, Jimmy is keen to pin the performance of the company on Kenny and his other subordinates, claiming that they have not delivered on their work quotas for the year. Jimmy knows that if push comes to shove, he cannot justify the claim that Kenny has underperformed at work during the year. Jimmy is also concerned that if he loses his job, he will be unable to pay off the mortgage on his house, and will be forced to sell his prized doll collection.

Question 1

List the interests of:

(a) Jimmy; and
(b) Kenny

Question 2

List and explain the negative negotiation tactics used by Jimmy and Kenny.

Question 3

(a) Apply the appropriate countermeasure to each of the negative negotiation tactics identified in Question 2.

(b) Demonstrate and explain how each countermeasure will work in response to its respective negative negotiation tactic.

Reference no: EM131024821

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