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Select one (1) person whom you consider to be a leader (e.g., Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., a family member, a close friend, etc.). Explain the key characteristics that the selected individual possesses that makes you believe he or she is an effective leader. Support your response with at least one (1) example of the selected individual's leadership in action.

Reference no: EM131082280

What determines one sexual orientation

Why is it important to understand what determines one's sexual orientation? Consider ethical, legal, and social implications. If you do not think it is important to understa

Distinguishes modern from postmodern scholarship in music

What are some difficulties in using the English terminology to describe the world’s music’s? When is music represented graphically in notation, what are some of the limitation

Applied behavioral science

Please Describe your understanding of the field of Applied Behavioral Science including an overview of the generalist perspective of practice.

Discuss the transition to agriculture

Discuss the transition to agriculture. What influenced the transition? How did it alter the life of an average person and shape society?

Median daily turnover of fish shop

(a) Compute and interpret the (approximate) average daily turnover of the fish shop. (Hint: Use the weighted average formula, with the midpoint of each interval as xi.) (b) Fi

Differentiating curriculum for gifted and talented students

Give examples of provisions that should, and can be, made to accurately identify students who are from racially, culturally, and economically different groups or who have di

Increase muscle mass-heart disease and liver cancer

The drug used to increase muscle mass but whose side effects include heart disease, liver cancer, high blood pressure, septic shock, impotence, genital atrophy, and mood swing

Shipping alternative

Determine which shipping alternative would be most economical to ship 80 boxes of parts when each box has a price of $200 and holding costs are 30 percent of price, given this


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