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Explain job analysis, job description, and job specification. What is the HR purpose of each?

Describe common methods of performance appraisal and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Reference no: EM132280699

Preliminary presentation of business plan

You have been asked to give a preliminary presentation of your business plan to a group of investors. This initial presentation is to review your concept and deliver the str

Determining sales tax and revenue

You are the owner of Cache; a chain of women's clothing boutiques. Your state has a sales tax of 6% and additional city tax of 1.5%. Each quarter you are responsible of maki

Average income of employees

A survey of small scale enterprises shows that the average income of employees is N480, 000 per annum with a standard deviation of N64, 000. Estimate the percentage of the e

List the five skills that your group came up with

List the five skills that your group came up with. (Note: Make sure that you list who was in your group, to ensure that you are acknowledging all those to contributed ideas

Information systems for decision making

How your organization can modify its present organizational structures to be more efficient and effective in the future, making better use of information and information sys

Seek first to understand then be understood

Seek First to Understand Then be Understood - Write a one-page example of how you can apply this in a work setting. Sharing examples about your experience using this or want

Calculate quantity demanded

If we assume the price of the related good is held fixed at $10 and that income is held fixed at $40,000, calculate quantity demanded when its price is $2. Round your answer

What if the terms had been eom instead of mom

A buyer is given cash discount terms of 4/10, net 30 MOM. The invoice for the goods is dated September 9. When will the discount period expire? What if the terms had been EOM


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