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Explain Phase 3 Discussion Board: Information Technology in Business Management

Phase 3 Discussion Board

You have managed to take FYC to the next level by setting up an e-commerce website for selling furniture using the Internet. Portals and collaboration applications involving internet, intranet, and extranet applications "talk" to each other to provide a seamless, paperless, real-time, workflow environment to manage all business operations.

Now you have made sufficient impact on the top line; it is now time to concentrate on the bottom line. How can intranets and extranets make a difference in FYC's operations? Where should they be deployed? Study each department's functions and processes in detail; choose one: (a) Intranet or (b) Extranet. What functionalities should the $tranet contain? And what will be the benefits for FYC?
Go here and view an expanded explanation of FYC's structure.

- Research and propose methods of assimilating emerging technologies.

- Critically appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the E-business strategies used by a range of organizations.

- Identify and analyze organizational processes and relationships that may have value added through the application of an E-business strategy.

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