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Introduction of Salam air, with some recent data.

Explain how the chosen clinic has used the extended P's to create competitive advantage (is it effective?) in this particular industry, taking care of the special characteristics of the services.

Explain in detail about the supplementary services offered by the chosen service provider and their affect on the core services offered.

Draw the service delivery process and mention the critical elements affecting the same. Here explain how customer intervention improves the actual service delivery process (On the basis of the class discussion on adequate and desired level of service).You should mention the various sources by which customer expectations are being made toward the services offered by these service providers. These factors should be shown as a diagram for better insights and application of the theoretical concepts.

For completing this you need to collect some primary data from the customers.

Finally based on the report and data, make appropriate recommendations to the clinic, towards further enhancing the service delivery process and competitive advantage of the service provider.

Please remember that your report follows logical flow of information. Put proper headings and sub headings.

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