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Part 1: Written assignment - Product life cycle

Review the stages of the Product Life Cycle and address the following in a 1-2 page document:

1. What are two products that you consider to be in the Growth stage of the Product Life Cycle and why?

2. What are some of the potential threats to the success of both companies during this stage?

3. Develop a strategy and creative approach that can be taken to help both products continue to succeed during their next life cycle phase.

Part 2: Written assignment - self-evaluation (Area concentration achievement test)

Self-appraisal and assessment is an important part of growth and development. Understanding yourself leads to more targeted self-development and an ability to focus on the work you're the most proficient at. This assignment requires you to do an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses while assessing you own leadership style. This assignment should be a minimum of a page and a half and complete the following:

• Identify three strengths that you possess. Provide specific examples of how each of these strengths could be used to further your career.

• Identify three weaknesses that you possess. Provide specific examples of how you could improve each of these weaknesses in order to make yourself a better-rounded manager.

• Explain if you possess more crystalized or fluid intelligence. Support your choice with an example from your personal or professional life.

• Explain what leadership style you believe you fall under. Apply the information from your self-analysis to this choice in order to support your decision. Remember that there are many leadership styles. Outside research can be useful for this section.

Part 3: Written assignment -

Transferable Skills Self Reflection

• In a minimum of 2 full pages, you will need to write an essay (full introduction and conclusion paragraph), and include:

o A description of each of the transferable skills that you've chosen to demonstrate proficiency of for your exemplary portfolio project.

o Discuss the reasons why you feel that this particular project or assignment reflects your understanding of each skill. Be specific!

o Describe the knowledge, skills and/or attitudes regarding each of the transferable skills that you've gained as a result of completing this particular project/assignment.

o Discuss the ways that you are going to incorporate the transferable skills (the transferable skills that you showcased in your exemplary project) into your work within your chosen career field.

o Describe your future goals based on the transferable skills that you've chosen to showcase.

Part 4 : Written assignment - personalized reflection

So far, as part of the knowledge creation assignment, you have reflected on how general education skills have led to your success as a student, considered how you can best leverage a specific general education skill or two in a job interview to improve your standing as a job applicant, and theorized about how you can best use these general education skills to become a successful employee in your career field.

Now, as the final part of your knowledge creation assignment, you will create a personalized reflection.

Start with what you have already reflected on - which general education skills are most important for your success? Then, consider your personal strengths and weaknesses. Just as some of the weaknesses you had when you first enrolled may have improved during your time at the College, consider how you will be able to improve your remaining weaknesses. For example, say your written communication is an area of weakness. Consider ways you can improve that general education skills while working in your career field, and how that improvement can translate to better job performance.

Write a 1-page reflection in which you answer those questions.

Reference no: EM131163883

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