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Mary and Stacey are seniors at Silver State High School. They have been friends since the second grade. Stacey called Mary on Saturday evening and asked her to take her home because she could not find her car. Mary knows that her best friend has been drinking excessively over the past 3 months. She has been withdrawing from Mary and gravitating toward her new friends, who party every weekend with alcohol and marijuana.

Mary decided to pick her up because she did not want her friend hurt. While taking Stacey home, Mary tried to talk to her about her drinking and drug use. Stacey became very defensive and stated that Mary was now sounding like her parents.

1) At this stage in her development, who is more important to Stacey - her parents and best friend, or her new peers? Explain. What is your reasoning behind this decision? Explain.

2) What could her best friend and parents do to help change Stacey's thought processes? Explain.

3) How could Stacey's delinquent behavior eventually lead to criminal behavior? Explain.

Reference no: EM1325389

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