Explain how you might start assessing health needs
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Organization and Cultural Group Selection

As you prepare for your Cultural Competence Development Plan, this discussion will focus on your selection of an organization and cultural group(s). In selecting an organization, you should consider that the organization is large enough to identify racial and ethnic groups to complete the requirements of your project. ( Pick an organization in Georgia )

In your initial post of one page or less, answer the following:

• Identify and select a health care organization and geographic region.

• Provide a general description of the organization, type of services, geographic location, and any helpful discussion of demographics.

• Identify cultural groups that may be living in the area and requiring health services.

• Pick one cultural group, and discuss what type of complementary and alternative health care practices might exist.

• Explain how you might start assessing health needs, including health education.

• Use specific examples to support your comments.

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